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Teenage pregnancy

Pregnancy in women aged 15 to 19.

The Labour Force

People over the age of 15 years who are currently employed and those who are unemployed but were available to start work in the week prior to the Census and looked for work in the past 4 weeks. It excludes anyone who may have been without a job and was not actively looking for work.

Total Dependency Ratio

Number of people aged 65 years and older and children under the age of 20 divided by the number of people aged 20 to 64

Total Fertility Rate

The average number of children that would be born per woman if all women lived to the end of their childbearing years and bore children according to the age-specific fertility rates for that area and period.

Treaty Indian

A First Nations person with status under the Indian Act, that signed a treaty with the Crown, or a person of Aboriginal ancestry who holds treaty status under the Federal Indian Act.

Tuberculosis (TB) – active and latent infections

Active tuberculosis (TB) infection means that TB bacteria are present in a person’s body and are growing and causing symptoms.  If the active TB infection is the lungs or other parts of the airway, it can be spread to other people.  A latent TB infection means that TB bacteria are present in a person’s body, but his/her immune system is able to prevent the TB bacteria from growing.  Individuals with latent TB infection are not able to spread TB to others.