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Need for Help with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

This classifies respondents according to their need for help (because of health reasons) with instrumental activities of daily living such as preparing meals, shopping for groceries or other necessities, doing everyday housework, doing heavy household chores (washing walls, yard work), and personal care (washing, dressing or eating), moving about inside the house or paying bills.

Neural tube defect

Birth defects of the brain, spine, or spinal cord. The two most common neural tube defects are spina bifida (when the spine does not close) and anencephaly (when part of the brain and skull are missing).1

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Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine produces feelings of pleasure, alertness and other mood-altering effects. These physical and psychological factors make it difficult to stop using tobacco, even if the person wants to quit. It is also referred to as an addiction to tobacco.1

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Nitrogen Dioxide

Ambient nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is derived from oxidized nitrogen oxide (NO) and is generally a marker of combustion related air pollution, including power and chemical plants and traffic emissions. Adverse health effects may come from NO2 itself or its many secondary reaction products including ozone (O3).

Non-permanent residents

Non-permanent residents are people from another country who have a work or study permit or who are refugee claimants, and their family members sharing the same permit and living in Canada with them. They are not considered immigrants.

Non-traumatic Oral Health Conditions

These are conditions causing pain and infection as a result of untreated dental caries or improper oral health preventative procedures.1,2

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Nutritious Food Basket

The nutritious food basket provides information about the approximate cost of eating healthy. The weekly cost of food is based on a survey of 67 food items from 12 local chains and independent grocery stores. The food items included in the survey are determined by the food buying patterns of the average Canadian and data provided by Statistics Canada.