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Figure 11.4.4: Teenage pregnancies

Rate per 1,000 females (age 15–19), Middlesex-London, Ontario and Peer Group, 2006 to 2016

Figure 11.4.4: Teenage pregnancies
Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), Date Extracted: Oct 4, 2018; Therapeutic abortions, Date Extracted: Sept 25, 2018; Population Estimates, Date Extracted: May 11, 2018, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, IntelliHEALTH Ontario

Teenage pregnancy rates in Middlesex-London decreased significantly between 2006 and 2016. Rates also decreased in Ontario and the Peer Group during this period.

The teenage pregnancy rate in Middlesex-London was 16.9 per 100,000 females aged 15 to 19 in 2016. The rate in Middlesex-London was higher than Ontario (14.6 per 100,000) but the difference was not statistically significant.