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Figure 5.4.8: Self-Reported Illicit Drug Use in Lifetime by Type of Drug

Percent of population (12+) who report ever using an illicit drug, by type of drug, Middlesex-London, 2009–2012 combined

Figure 5.4.8: Self-reported illicit drug use in lifetime by type of drug
Canadian Community Health Survey [2015-2016], Statistics Canada, Share File, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
*Estimate should be interpreted with caution due to high variability

Crack or cocaine (7.6%) was the most commonly reported drug that had been used by Middlesex-London residents in their lifetime. This was closely followed by hallucinogens such as PCP or LSD (6.9%). Ecstasy, speed and heroin were all reported by less than five percent of the population. Note that this data does not include opioids beyond heroin.