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Figure 2.4.1: Housing Affordability

Percent of households spending 30% or more of income on shelter costs, Middlesex-London and Ontario, 2015

Figure 2.4.1: Housing Affordability
Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population, 25% sample, Catalogue no. 98-316-X2016001. Released November 29 2017.
Includes owner and tenant households with household total income greater than zero; in non-farm; non- First Nation community private dwellings

A quarter of all Middlesex-London households (25.9%) in 2015, had a shelter-cost-to-income ratio of 30% or more which is considered not to be affordable. This was slightly lower than Ontario overall (27.7%).

A much higher percent of tenant households (45.7%) than owner households (14.3%) were spending 30% or more on shelter costs in Middlesex-London in 2015.  This pattern was similar to Ontario, where, the same percent (45.7%) of owner households did not have affordable housing and slightly more owner households were not affordable (19.8%) compared with Middlesex-London.