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Figure 11.1.1: Folic acid use prior to pregnancy

Percent of women who gave birth, Middlesex-London, Ontario and Peer Group, 2013 to 2017

Figure 11.1.1: Folic acid use prior to pregnancy
BORN Public Health Cube, BORN Information System, BORN Ontario. Information accessed on Oct 19, 2018. Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (Public Health Ontario). Snapshots: Maternal health Snapshot. Toronto, ON: Queen’s Printer for Ontario; c2018 [updated 2018 Oct 12; cited 2018 Nov 14]. Available from:
Ontario and Peer Group data not yet available for 2017

The percent of women who reported using folic acid supplements prior to pregnancy was significantly higher in Middlesex-London compared to Ontario and the Peer Group from 2013 to 2016. In 2016, 44.3% of women in Middlesex-London who gave birth reported taking folic acid supplements before getting pregnant compared to 33.5% in Ontario.