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Figure 6.4.3: Life stress by employment status

Percent of the population (15+) who reported most days as quite stressful or extremely stressful in the past 12 months, Middlesex-London, 2015/16

Figure 6.4.3: Life stress by employment status
Canadian Community Health Survey [2015-16], Statistics Canada, Share File, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
*Estimate should be interpreted with caution due to high variability

Those who were employed (25.7%) indicated that their life stress was quite or extremely high at a significantly higher rate than those who were not employed (14.4%).

The “not employed” category included respondents who were retired. Those who were retired had a much lower percent reporting being quite or extremely stressed. However, those not employed (but also not retired) did not have significantly different levels of stress from those who were employed.