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Figure 6.4.1: Life and work stress

Percent of population (15+) who reported most days as quite or extremely stressful, and percent of the working population (age 20–64) who reported most days at work were, quite stressful or extremely stressful in the past 12 months, Middlesex-London, Ontario and Peer Group, 2015/16

Figure 6.4.1: Life and work stress
Canadian Community Health Survey [2015-16], Statistics Canada, Share File, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

About one in five of the population in Middlesex-London aged 15 and older (22.0%) reported life as quite or extremely stressful.

Related to work, 24.8% of those aged 20 to 64 reported most days at work were quite or extremely stressful.

There were no significant differences seen between Middlesex-London and Ontario or the Peer Group.