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Figure 2.3.4: Income Share

Percent of income shared by households that fall below and above the median household income, Middlesex-London, Ontario and selected health units, 2015

Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population, 25% sample
Excludes First Nation communities.

Middlesex-London had a household income share of 20.9% in 2015, indicating that the half of the households with incomes below the median (i.e., below $64,797 for Middlesex-London) collectively made 20.9% of all the household income and the other half of households shared 79.1% of the total income.

Middlesex-London’s income share was lower than Ontario (22.4%) indicating that the distribution of income in Middlesex-London was more unequal than Ontario overall. Middlesex-London was also the third most unequal health unit in Ontario in terms of income share.

Middlesex-London’s income share has become more unequal over the past decade, down 1.4% from 21.3% in 2005. During this same time period, Ontario’s income share became slightly more equal, increasing 1.6% from 20.8% in 2005 (Figure 2.3.2).