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Alcohol Use

Alcohol Use

Key Findings: 
  • Overall, 16% of the population reported monthly binge drinking or drinking more than five drinks on one occasion at least once in the past month in Middlesex-London in 2013/14 and there were no significant changes from earlier years (Fig. 7.12).
  • The proportion of males who reported binge drinking was 23.0% in Middlesex-London in 2013/14.  This compares to 9.7% in females, which is a significantly lower proportion (Fig. 7.12).
  • In 2013/14, the proportion of people who reported binge drinking decreased significantly as age increased (Fig. 7.13).
  • Among people 65 years of age and older the proportion of binge drinkers was significantly lower in Middlesex-London compared to the province and the Peer Group (Fig. 7.13).
  • In 2013/14 the proportion of people who reported that they had been driving after consuming two or more drinks in the hour before they drove was 3.2% in Middlesex-London (Fig. 7.15).
  • This was lower than in 2009/10.  Although the decrease was not statistically significant in Middlesex-London a significant decrease was seen in both Ontario and the Peer Group (Fig. 7.15).
  • Males were considerably more likely to drink and drive compared to females and a similar difference was seen in Middlesex-London, the Peer Group and Ontario.  The estimates for Middlesex-London were not reportable, but in Ontario 7.2% of males reported drinking and driving compared to 1.1% among females (data not shown).
Ontario Public Health Standard: 

Population Health Assessment and Surveillance Protocol - Section 1, Subsections b-vi, vii

Chronic Disease Prevention Standard - Requirement #1

Prevention of Injury and Substance Misuse Standard - Requirement #1

Jargon Explained

Standard drink size 

A standard drink is 13.6 g of alcohol, which translates into 5 oz of wine, 1.5 oz of spirits, or 12 oz of regular strength beer.

Low Risk Drinking Guidelines 

The Low Risk Drinking Guidelines indicate no more than 2 standard drinks on any one day for women and no more than 3 standard drinks on any one day for men with a maximum of 10 and 15 standard drinks a week for women and men, respectively.

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