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Key Findings: 
  • About 80% of the population of Middlesex-London had English as a first language in 2006 (Fig. 1.23).
  • Middlesex-London had a smaller proportion of those who spoke French and other language speakers than Ontario (Fig. 1.23).
  • 9.0% of the Middlesex-London population spoke one of the non-official languages at home on a regular basis compared to 15.1% in Ontario (Fig. 1.24). 
  • 1,745 people (0.4 %) in Middlesex-London were estimated to speak French most often at home in 2006. In Ontario, the proportion who were francophone at home was six times higher than in Middlesex-London (Fig. 1.24).
  • About 1% of the Middlesex-London population does not have knowledge of either of Canada’s official languages compared to 2.2% in Ontario (Fig. 1.25).
  • Just over 7% of people in Middlesex-London had knowledge of both English and French in 2006 (Fig. 1.25).
  • Maps (Fig. 1.26 and Fig. 1.27) show how the proportions of people who speak neither English nor French vary within the City of London and the County of Middlesex.
Ontario Public Health Standard: 

Population Health Assessment and Surveillance Protocol- Section 1, Subsections b-i

Jargon Explained

Mother Tongue

First language learned in childhood and still understood at the time of the Census.

Home Language 

The language spoken most often at home.

Knowledge of Official Languages

Some knowledge of English, French, or both.