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Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Key Findings: 
  • Estimates from 2011-12 show that just over 60% of females in Middlesex-London aged 50-74 had a mammogram within a two-year period (Fig. 6.20). 
  • In 2010-12, just over 64% of women aged 20-69 in Middlesex-London had a pap test in a three-year period (Fig. 6.20).
  • Data from 2011-12 suggest that 33.8% of people aged 50-74 had a Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) in the previous two years (Fig. 6.20).

According to the most recent rates cancer screening participation in Middlesex-London was as high as in the whole province of Ontario for both breast and cervical cancer (Fig. 6.20).

Interpretive Notes

Women age 40-49 can talk to their healthcare provider about having a mammogram. Women age 50-74 are recommended to have a mammogram every two years. Women age 30-69 who are at high risk for breast cancer can be referred by a health care provider to the OBSP which will coordinate appointments for genetic counseling and testing as well as annual mammography and breast screening MRI.

Ontario Cervical Screening Program recommends that all sexually active women should have regular Pap tests starting at age 21. If Pap tests are normal they should be done every three years until age 70. At age 70 screening can be discontinued if there is an adequate negative cytology screening history in the previous 10 years

ColonCancerCheck recommends that all Ontarians aged 50 and over be screened for colorectal cancer. For those at average risk for colorectal cancer, a simple at home test – the Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) – once every two years is recommended.  For those at increased risk because of a family history of one or more first-degree relatives (parent, sibling or child) with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, a colonoscopy is advised.

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Ontario Public Health Standard: 

Population Health Assessment and Surveillance Protocol - Section 1, Subsections b-iii, vii

Chronic Disease Prevention Standard - Requirement #1