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Early Development

Early Development

Key Findings: 


About 9 out of 10 mothers in Middlesex-London reported having initiated breastfeeding. This rate has remained relatively stable from 2004 to 2011. Middlesex-London mothers (55.7%) were more likely than not to have breastfed for at least 6 months by 2011 (Fig. 10.7).

Children’s Developmental Health at School Entry

Over one-quarter (27%) of senior kindergarten students in the City of London were vulnerable on at least one domain of the EDI in 2012. This is similar to the previous figures of 25% and 28% for 2009 and 2006, respectively, and to the provincial baseline2 of 28% (Fig. 10.14).

Nearly one in five (19%) senior kindergarten students in Middlesex County (excluding London) were vulnerable on at least one EDI domain. This has remained consistent from 2006 to 2012 and is lower than the provincial baseline2 of 28% (Fig. 10.14).

Interpretive Notes

Breastfeeding - Data presented in this section on breastfeeding practices are from the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS). Responses are from women from Middlesex-London ages 18 to 49 who reported having had a baby within five years of the survey.

Children's Developmental Health at School Entry - Developed by the Offord Centre for Child Studies, at McMaster University, the EDI is a population level measure of children’s developmental health at school entry. The EDI is completed on senior kindergarten children in Ontario by their teacher. Communities across Ontario implement the EDI on a 3 year cycle.  The EDI assists communities in assessing the educational and social needs of their young children, as well as monitoring children’s developmental health across time. The EDI measures five areas (domains) of development: physical health and well-being, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive development, communication skills and general knowledge.

Jargon Explained

Early Development Instrument (EDI): Percentage Vulnerable

The percentage of children vulnerable on at least one EDI domain refers to the children who have scored in the bottom 10thpercentile of scores on at least one domain.